Our Tailor made tours in Sicily

Rural Sicily

Location: rural environments Housing type: agri-tourisms and rural lodgings close to cities or villages

This circuit is designed to explore Sicily’s great natural variety and its stunning panoramic views. The houses have been carefully selected to introduce you to the rural life of the island. You will appreciate the diversity of the Sicilian landscape, the beauty and tranquility of its green spaces and the regional culinary specialities prepared for you with pleasure by our hosts.

A Thousand and One Nights

Location: rural areas, small villages, city centre.
Housing type: B&B, agri-tourisms and cottages

Discover a world of elegant rooms, looking onto magnificent views and landscapes; enjoy romantic dinners in a world rich in art and history.
All the accomodations combine the elegance of Sicilian houses with the beauty of rural landscapes.
We have selected high quality residences to help you uncover the splendours of Sicily’s ‘living history’.

the tour of Montalbano

Location: rural areas, small villages, city centre Housing type: B&B and homestays

Take your time... You will dive into true Sicily, to feel the unique atmosphere of hospitality and enchanting beauty that inhabits this island. Every accommodation has its own exclusive charm! All have been visited and approved by us: each combines respect for the environment and a beautiful setting with cleanliness, a family atmosphere and good value for money.

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